Friday, February 22, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI: Titles Available in Freading

A recent article in Publishers Weekly states that "Sales of books about Pope Benedict XVI have skyrocketed since his resignation."

The Pope’s War
by Matthew Fox
The Pope's War* offers a provocative look at three decades of corruption in the Catholic Church, focusing on Josef Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI. Matthew Fox presents insights from his 12-year, up-close-and-personal battle with Ratzinger, tracing the historical roots of degradation in the Church and offering a new way to understand why Benedict XVI is now mired in crisis as Pope. Fox then outlines his vision for a new Catholicism-one that is not Vatican-based but truly universal, celebrating critical thinking, diversity, and justice.

Pope Benedict XVI: In My Own Words
by Daniel Michaels Ph.D. (Compiler, Editor)
This collection of writings reveals the Holy Father's beliefs on religious truth and freedom, Church and culture, the Eucharist, Christian unity, and ministry and service. These words display Benedict's zeal and provide hope for the church.

Look for "The Pope's War", "Pope Benedict XVI: In My Own Words" and other great titles in your library's Freading collection.