Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 2013 MLB season officially opened on Sunday.  Start the season off right with Freading.

TALES FROM THE DUGOUT: Boston Redsox, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, San Diego Padres, Angels, San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox & Minnesota Twins.
The Funniest Baseball Book Ever: The National Pastime's Greatest Quips, Quotations, Characters, Nicknames, and Pranks
You're The Umpire: 139 Scenarios to Test Your Baseball Knowledge
Working At The Ballpark: The Fascinating Lives of Baseball People- from Peanut Vendors and Broadcasters to Players and Managers
It Takes More Than Balls: The Savvy Girls' Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Baseball
***Diamond Dishes: From the Kitchens of Baseball's Biggest Stars 
            (This one looks yummy!)
Baseball Between Us: 16 Years. 32 Ballparks. 43,000 Miles  
The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown 
The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip: A Fan's Guide to Major League Stadiums
Playing with Purpose: Baseball
Goodnight Baseball
World Series Winners: What It Takes to Claim Baseball's Ultimate Prize