Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New This Month

If you had worked hard your entire life and provided for your family as an upright citizen, would you suddenly dive headfirst into a life of crime in order to try and help one of your adult offspring? That is the question that character John Cross grapples with in the latest thrill ride of an adventure by best-selling author Charles Belfoure.

*A New York Post “must read” pick

*A USA Today “new & noteworthy” Pick

*A September Indie Next Pick

*A LibraryReads September Pick

"Belfoure's sly, roguish writing opens a window to those living both gilded and tarnished lives... Best of all, Belfoure holds together each and every thread of the novel, resulting in a most memorable, evocative read." - Publishers Weekly, STARRED Review

"A pulse-raising read." - Library Journal

"an entertaining excursion through Gilded Age New York" – Kirkus

If you had to tell the story of your life, how would it go? Has it been what you envisioned for yourself? Seventy-eight year old Harriet Chance ponders her life experiences while traveling unaccompanied on an Alaskan cruise ship. Her estranged daughter boards the ship partway through the trip which forces even more light on truths in her past that were previously hidden.

*An pick for the fall

*A LibraryReads September pick

Both uplifting and melancholy, funny and thought-provoking, this entertaining read speaks directly to the importance of acceptance and healing.” 

“I can’t get enough of the work of this Bainbridge Island writer, who has the gift of combining humor and tragedy and making it all wildly entertaining.” 
The Seattle Times

Eleanor of Aquitaine did exactly what she should as Queen of England. She proved herself as a ruler and gave her husband two male heirs to the throne. She finds that as time moves on and her children get more independent, she wants more power of her own. When her husband’s infidelity is brought to light, she knows he will not help her. She must get the power she desires on her own
"Moving, touching and historically accurate – a marvelous read for Chadwick fans. 4 1/2 Stars" - RT Book Reviews

“a brilliant book”- Madame Guillotine

Have you ever looked at something you were about to eat and wondered “ I wonder who originally came up with the idea for this?” The author of ‘The American Plate’ is the chief historian at the History Channel. In this book she covers everything from how salad and hot dogs started, to when we started serving Chinese food in America. 

"The American Plate is an engagingly readable history of American food." 
--Bee Wilson, author of Consider the For

"Like many mini-encyclopedias, this one is studded with often intriguing facts."—Kirkus