Thursday, March 3, 2016

Highlights of New Arrivals & What's Coming Soon

New Arrivals.....

The Moon In The Palace

By Weina Dai Randel
Mei Wu was only 13-years-old when she is chosen as one of the fifteen selects to serve the Emperor of China. Like those around her at the palace she wanted to gain the Emperor’s attention. Her reason for wanting to be noticed was different from the others. She wanted power. The Moon in The Palace is the incredible story of how Mei became China’s only ruling female Empress.

“This story of a woman who made her own destiny…eloquent.”
-Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

“Like fragile yet strong silk threads, Randel’s beautifully composed debut ensnares readers in the dynamic story of the young girl who would become Empress of the Bright Moon. Randel’s novel is an impressive tale of lethal court intrigue that is seductive and alluring. It is a story of one woman’s rise to power, but also of the relationships between the women of the palace. Readers will be transported by the colorful, fairy-tale-like story.”
RT Book Reviews, Top Pick, 4-1/2 stars

Welcome Thieves
by Sean Beaudoin
Welcome Thieves is an intelligent, edgy, witty collection of short stories unlike anything you have read before. Beaudoin’s tales capture the complexities of adult life in ways that keep you pondering long after the last word has been read. It is a collection to devour multiple times.

“Thrilling and mercilessly readable, the stories in Welcome Thieves go off like a string of firecrackers, sizzling and popping with a narrative velocity that is equal parts grit and polish. Beaudoin is definitely a writer to watch.” Jonathan Evison, author of This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!

“Beaudoin's stories are hilarious and charming, also intimate, and yes they're also definitely dark, but not in a way that I needed to go take a regenerative nap in the middle of reading. No, I exited this brief avalanche of stories feeling even more awake, and full of delight in this ridiculous world we inhabit." —Peter Mountford, author of The Dismal Science

“Funny, daring, alarming, sweet— how this book fills the mind and the senses with life.  Beaudoin's language is so original and fast that it gets very close to experience, handles it so loyally and beautifully.”—Rebecca Lee, author of Bobcat and Other Stories

By Break Of Day
By M.L. Buchman
Kara pilots an elite class of drones for the Army. She relatively new to her position and she takes everything about it seriously. Justin is the captain of the most powerful helicopter in the military. He is extremely capable but more laidback in his manner.  Their work is so complex that it’s difficult for either to think about much else in life. When they first start working missions together, it takes time for them to realize that they might just be perfect for each other.

"Tense, technically detailed, and filled with nonstop action, this engrossing adventure highlights a heroine who needs to connect and belong. This exceptional, beautifully balanced example of military romance will appeal to fans of Suzanne Brockmann" - Library Journal
“a great read and I truly recommend it." - Night Owl Reviews

                                          Coming Soon...

                                    The Girl In The Well Is Me
By Karen Rivers
 *A Top 10 Spring 2016 Indie Kids Next Pick

Kammie’s life has been one problem after another. Her father is in prison for stealing from his employer, her mother is struggling to provide for the family, and her dog just hit by a bus. She hopes that a major effort to fit it with the popular girls at school will make her life better. Instead of being accepted, the meanest of the girls set her up for a fall in an abandoned well, then walk away.

“A brilliantly revealed, sometimes even funny, exploration of courage, the will to live, and the importance of being true to oneself. The catastrophe draws readers in, and the universality of spunky Kammie’s life-affirming journey will engage a wide audience. Moving, suspenseful, and impossible to put down.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“A hypnotic, utterly original novel . . . Guilt and forgiveness, truth and lies, family and self, friendship and social hierarchy--Young readers will take in tough-and-tender Kammie as their own . . . and the suspense and anxiety of her situation will leave every reader breathless until the final page.” Shelf Awareness

“I dare you to pick up this riveting novel without reading straight through to its heart-stopping conclusion. Karen Rivers has penned a dazzling voice, at once hilarious, heartbreaking, and searingly honest. The Girl in the Well Is Me is a triumph.”—Katherine Applegate, Newbery Medal-winning author of The One and Only Ivan

(available March 15th)

We Love You Charlie Freeman
By Kaitlyn Greenidge
Due to their fluency in sign language, the Freeman family has been invited into an educational institution in rural Massachusetts. As part of an experiment, the family has been asked to live on campus and welcome into their family a young chimpanzee who has been abandoned by his mother. The Freemans decide to take part. Once there, they begin to feel isolated in the nearly all-white community. Their surroundings, the unusual living situation, and the unanswered questions about the study they are involved in start to tear them apart.

“…a significant and timely work…. A smart mesmerizing tale with finely crafted dialogue and landscape, We Love You, Charlie Freeman is easy to fall in love with.”
NY Journal of Books

“Kaitlyn Greenidge’s masterful debut novel We Love You, Charlie Freeman is at heart an examination of race and language — an African-American family is hired by a New England research institute to raise and teach sign language to a chimpanzee, but the institute has a shockingly dark past. We Love You, Charlie Freeman skillfully tackles history and heavy subjects with both humor and thoughtfulness; this book proves Greenidge will be a literary force to be reckoned with.”

“buckle up for an unforgettable journey.” Essence

(available March 8th)

Hanging Mary
by Susan Higginbotham
 Mary’s son Johnny has been involved in some unusual events and he has been talking to people that have secrets. She is busy running her boarding house, but some of her son’s aquaintences have been inside her home. How much did she pay attention to John Wilkes Booth when he visited? After President Lincoln is killed, that question becomes of critical importance.

"In Hanging Mary, Susan Higginbotham creates a compelling and vivid portrait of the women caught up in the events surrounding Lincoln's assassination. I will not soon forget Mary, Anna, or Nora, the real woman Higginbotham so deftly brings to life. This is my favorite kind of historical fiction: evocative, deeply moving, and meticulously researched." - Jillian Cantor, author of Margot and The Hours Count

(available March 15th)

Nobody Said Not To Go
by Ken Cuthbertson
 In 1922, Emily Hahn became the first female to enroll in an all-male college of engineering. After graduation she traveled the world, worked for the Red Cross, wrote for the New Yorker and became a pioneer wildlife conservator. With amazing detail and a keen eye kept on Emily’s intelligence and sense of humor, this book brings her amazing story to life.

“By all accounts, Emily Hahn (1905^-97) should be a household name. A trailblazer, she routinely defied convention….The events that Hahn witnessed were world-changing, and her blazing candor about war, race, sex, and feminism was courageous; but she was too hot to handle, and even though she wrote for the New Yorker well into her eighties, she dropped from sight. Thanks to Cuthbertson, Hahn has an encore in front of an audience hungry for just her kind of story
- Booklist

(available March 22nd)