Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

An Amazon 'Best Book of 2017' so far!

Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet was just named an Amazon. com 'Best Book of 2017' so far. This romance/action/adventure/fantasy all wrapped into one is also a USA Today Best Seller. The book is a follow up to 'A Promise of Fire' which was an NPR 'Best Book of 2016' as well as a Kirkus Reviews 'Best Book of 2016'. See what the critics are saying below, then download both books for yourself on Freading with your library card.


"Bouchet sets the bar for high-concept fantasy romance. Simply brilliant." 
- Kirkus

"[Bouchet's] world-building reaches new heights . . . [a] page-turning addition to the series."
 - Booklist

"Bouchet ramps up the excitement . . . with high-intensity passion; adrenaline-fueled battles of wits, magic, and might; a host of magical creatures; and enough politics and world-shaking to keep readers eager for the final volume." Publishers Weekly

"A rising new star in the romantic fantasy genre . . . snap up this series ASAP! (4.5 stars, TOP PICK)" 
RT Book Reviews

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sports Illustrated "Best Health & Wellness Book of 2017"

Longtime health coach and yoga instructor Matt Frazier just teamed up with food writer Stepfanie Romine to create the "No Meat Athlete" movement and cookbook. This inspiring cookbook offers creative, delicious vegan recipes that are wholesome, affordable and don't have an extensive list of ingredients that will take all day to put together. Matt Frazier emphasizes that the food he writes about is "not a diet". Instead he discusses an enjoyable, sustainable, and healthy way of life. The book was chosen as a "Best Health and Wellness Book of 2017" by Sports Illustrated and it's already listed as a "Best Seller" on Amazon. com.  It's getting great reviews as well:

“[A] comprehensive collection of meatless dishes for all times of the day and all types of workout regimens. . . . An easy entry into meat-free eating.”
Publishers Weekly

“Without the right foods, athletes may appear fit on the outside while actually being extremely unhealthy on the inside. Fortunately, with a plant-based diet you can have the best of both worlds, and the recipes in The No Meat Athlete Cookbook will help you do it. I highly recommend this cookbook for active people and athletes at every level who want to perform at their best, while protecting themselves from disease with whole, plant-based foods.”
—Michael Greger, MD, New York Times bestselling author of How Not to Die

“Clean Protein + Easy Recipes = Hot Body. Matt Frazier rocks it all in this superstar book!”
—Kathy Freston, New York Times bestselling author of The Lean, The Book of Veganish, and Quantum Wellness

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Derek Jeter's Number Retired

Five-time World Series champion Derek Jeter is “one of the best players of his generation” per ESPN Magazine. During his twenty seasons with the New York Yankees, Jeter earned five Golden Glove Awards, Five AL Silver Slugger Awards, Two Hank Aaron Awards and was consistently a leader in the American League for hits and home runs. Today his No. 2 Jersey was retired at Yankee Stadium. Many former teammates, fans and others turned out to pay tribute to Derek. Although the Yankees are not always considered the most popular team outside of their home park, Derek Jeter developed a reputation for his professional behavior. He was seemingly respected by most everyone in sports. The athlete’s last at-bat in his career was at the home of a fierce rival: Fenway Park in Boston. That day the Boston crowd saluted the shortstop with a standing ovation.

Derek Jeter’s story is an amazing one. He is a gifted athlete who worked hard and tried to do his best for himself and others. Freading has several exciting books with information about him. Login and hang on for the ride:

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017 Freading eNewsletter Link

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National Tourism Week, 2017

May 7th starts National Tourism Week! It's the perfect time to peruse all of the many travel guides available on Freading. Whether your thinking about a close to home destination or an exotic foreign locale,  the Lonely Planet Travel Guides offer inside information that will enhance any trip.



In addition to travel books, there are also National Park Guides, books to give you tips on hiking, biking, paddling and more:

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Why We March" and More New Books on Freading

Released in time for Women's History Month, "Why We March" captures the spirit of the Women's Marches that were held around the world on January 21, 2017. The Washington Post wrote that the march in Washington D.C. was "likely the largest single-day demonstration in recorded U.S. History." The Post also wrote " if you look at the marches' size and location on a map, it contrasts sharply with the news media's usual electoral map that makes the country look starkly divided." Download the book from the Freading site.

Do you still have one of your old report cards? How about CD's you don't listen to or clothes that don't fit? In her memoir "Year of No Clutter", Eve Schuab writes that we align our belongings with our identity, so we try to hold on to many things we don't need. Her insightful and often hilarious observations try to teach readers that it's important to let go in order to move on.

"Part memoir and part how-to guide, Schaub's book casts a lightheartedly humorous light on the First World obsession with acquisition while showing readers that less truly can be more. A wry account of the author's quest to "pitch, plunder, recycle, and sell." 
- Kirkus

"Schaub weaves in thoughtful cultural references... her recognition that clutter of the mind is as real as tangible clutter makes this a personal and powerful read." 
- Booklist

*An Amazon. com "Best Book of The Month" March, 2017

Dreya is a thief about to be recruited by The Department of Covert Operations for her intelligence and unique abilities. She is amused by the cop that has been tailing her, but she also thinks that he is kind of cute.

"The best entry of Tyler's X-Ops series so far . . . the excitement level is cranked up to new heights. TOP PICK." 
- RT Book Reviews

*Winner of "Best Horror Novel" at the British Fantasy Awards

The entire Villarcas family has been cursed with certain heartbreak and an early death. Iris Villarcas has promised her father to remain alone, in order to break the pattern. She is doesn't keep her promise, and the results are petrifying.

"...superb debut....Wade perfectly balances sensory richness with the chills of the uncanny." 
- Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

"Ward's layered and skillfully crafted novel weaves elements of classic gothic and horror into a remarkable story populated by unforgettable characters, palpable atmosphere, and rich lyricism. Imagine the darkest and goriest undertones of Edgar Allan Poe, the Bront√ęs, Charles Dickens, and Shirley Jackson, and you'll have an idea of what Ward offers here." 
- Library Journal

Liv will be attending a new school for sixth grade and it has a strict dress code. It dictates that "all girls" must wear skirts. Liv is transgender and is not comfortable with wearing certain clothes, including skirts. Operation "Pants Project" is born.

"A wonderfully sweet middle grade story with a satisfying ending... The hopeful tone makes it easier for readers to grapple with the serious issues discussed, and the happy-ever-after ending will not fail to satisfy. Give to fans of Tim Federle's Better Nate Than Ever and Alex Gino's George.
" - School Library Journal

Have you ever wanted to start teaching your young child another language? The Lonely Planet "First Words" series are an excellent way to start. Lonely Planet is "the world's largest travel guide publisher" according to The Independent, so they would most likely know a thing or two about foreign languages. Their books make it fun and easy to learn new words. 

"Flash of Fury" is book #1 in an exhilarating new series by a new author. Readers are introduced to the "Endgame Ops" which are a group of elite military men and women. Someone has betrayed the team, and they will do anything to avenge their honor.

"I was hooked from page one; immediately on the edge of my seat with my eyes glued to the page. Right then I knew if this book kept up with the same intensity and pace I’d be up all night until I finished it. It did and I was. As I turned the pages I felt like I was a part of the scene as well as friends with the characters."
-An Amazon.com reader review

*A Barnes & Noble "most anticipated YA sequel of 2017" pick
* A Publisher's Weekly "2017 YA Buzz Book" pick

A follow up to The New York Times best-selling book "Future Shock" is "Future Threat ". It tells the story of Elena Martinez, who has returned from her trip to the future. She was expecting to learn more about technology during her expedition, but she becomes aware of dangerous secrets that give her nightmares.

"Contemporary readers will be teleported with delight into this Back to the Future-esque spy thriller. Move this one to the "buy" pile." 
- School Library Journal

"Elena's PTSD and anxiety are poignant and chilling, bringing a realistic human element to the sci-fi world of time travel. Briggs incorporates suspense and thrilling adventure, creating a gripping sequel." 
- Booklist