Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How To Be Kind To Yourself This Valentine's Day

It's hard to be your best with everyone else if you're unhappy with yourself. This Valentine's Day, why not start treating yourself the way you should be treated? According to Psychology Today "self-care is ESSENTIAL to mental heath."

 These books are available on the Freading site right now and they can show you how:

Body Kindness by Rebecca Stritchfield, RDN
Did you resolve to be healthier or to start a diet in 2017? The nurse author of "Body Kindness" says it's important not to berate yourself if you have not stuck to it. Some diets are unrealistic and add stress to your already busy day. There are better ways to add healthy habits. She gives many tips on how to treat yourself with compassion rather than shame. Also discussed at length is how to goal set based on your personal values rather than based on another frustrating diet whose rules were written by someone who you doesn't know you at all.

“simple and true" —New York Times Book Review

“[A] rousing guide to better health… Scritchfield’s work boils down complex behavioral science ideas into accessible self-improvement strategies.” —Publishers Weekly

If you are ready to stop torturing yourself with diets and self-criticism and start nourishing your body and mind with healthy choices that help you reach your true potential, consider this wonderful book your road map. Scritchfield provides inspiration and real-life strategies in a fun and friendly style, with lots of helpful graphic tools."
Ellie Krieger, MS, RD, host of Ellie’s Real Good Food on public television and award-winning cookbook author

Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg
According to the Washington Post, a neuroscientist from Harvard Medical School completed a study on meditation and found that "Meditation not only reduces stress, but it changes the brain." (for the better). The scientist explained that long term practice increases gray matter which "is associated with working memory and executive decision making.". If you are open to trying meditation for your well being, read 'Real Happiness'. Ms. Salzberg's book is a 28 day introductory guide. It is easy, practical, and is sure to get you  hooked on practicing meditation. Download it on Freading to get started.

“Salzberg speaks from experience…an extraordinary teacher.”  
- O, The Oprah Magazine

The Resiliency Advantage by Al Siebert, PhD
The ability to adapt to change and bounce back from difficulty is essential in life. One of the keys to this is refraining from negativity. This includes shunning critical self talk.  If you berate yourself often enough, you will start to believe it. Conversely, if you think positive, that becomes its own truth as well. Clearly written and insightful, 'The Resiliency Advantage' gives outstanding advice on how to let go of what you can't control.

"I loaned this book to a friend that works at a legal aid office. It gave her the ability to rise above the office conflicts. She now receives more respect from coworkers."- An reader review

The Confidence Plan by Tim Ursine
Much more than just obvious or common sense guidance, 'The Confidence Plan' offers in depth instruction on how anyone can increase their confidence. The author gives strategies on how to deal with getting knocked down, how to deal with conflict, tips on decluttering your head, and adding affirmations to your life.

"Honestly, this is the best book I've ever read on
self-confidence."- An reader review

Take A Nap!, Change Your Life by Mark Ehrman
Have you ever gone to the zoo and been disappointed with your visit because the animals were asleep? Have you ever noticed that your pet doesn't stay awake for long periods of time? Napping is definitely natural.  Author Mark Erhman argues that it is also completely necessary.  A daytime snooze can be hard to come by for anyone with a full time job, children, or any type of responsibility. Mr. Ehrman gives tips on how to get a little shut eye on your schedule. Why not make a date with yourself to get some rest?